After School Programs

Our after school program’s primary goal is to engage your child.

This engagement is offered in various forms such as work on children’s homework, encourage the use of their imagination to the fullest through the use of our centers dance, art, and other after school programs.

We provide a hot meal upon arrival to the center. Every child in our after school program will be encouraged to learn and flourish in their unique way and according to their learning capacity.

  • Child attends Steps from 3-6 pm daily
  • Steps offers a full day program when school is closed on holidays with 3 hot meals.
  • We emphasize the “Stop, Drop and Read school based program that promotes learning and reading outside the children’s daily classroom activities.
  • Steps to Success offers a Full Day Program when schools are closed on holidays with 3 meals served daily.
  • Gardening Program focusing on Science
  • Outdoor Activities

Please read our After School Philosophy


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