(Q) How do I begin potty training my child?

(A) Saying goodbye to diapers…

We are here to help… however, this is a process that requires your commitment at home.

Always communicate to your child what will be happening. The more informed your child is about the “potty training” process, the more in authority they will feel thus giving them more confidence.

Get them excited about the process. Explain to them that they are now going to daycare and they will become big boys and girls. Have them “potty train” the doll and praise the doll’s success.

Each time your child uses the potty correctly, make sure to praise him/her as your did the doll. You can also reward your child with things like a sticker. Again, make this a fun and happy experience.

Once your child says goodbye to diapers… put your child in toddler pull-ups and don’t turn back even if there are some accidents along the way. If your child has an accident, please don’t get angry or disappointed. Reassure your child that they everything is fine and they will do better next time.

Know that all children will eventually learn to use the potty, just with a little help from you and us. Who knows, it might be easier than you think.


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