(Q) How do I prepare my child for day care?

Tips for Entering Day Care

Before they attend the Day Care, speak with your child several days in advance leading up to the final day of attending day care. Let your child know the why, who, what, when, and how of the process. The more information you provide your child about entering day care, the more comfortable and in control they will feel. Try to have a discussion with them about what they think their day will be like, always let them know that throughout the day you will be thinking of them. Inform them of when you will pick them up, this will be the highlight of your day.

Try to bring your child into day care during the registration/admission process so they may become familiar with their new school and surroundings. It helps if they have a visual picture in their minds of where they will be during their time away from you.

Try to get them into a routine several weeks before day care begins so they will already be acclimated to our schedule, this will make the transition easier and more comfortable. As a suggestion to our parent(s), try to Relax! Children can sense stress and you will project these feelings onto them. Rest assure that ALL children eventually separate successfully, patience and time is all that is required!

On the First day of school, provide yourself with plenty of time, if you are feeling rushed or have a sense of urgency, this will make everyone nervous and the transition will not go as well as planned. Have a nice morning together and talk to your child about what each other’s day will be like. Communication is imperative through the first couple of days.

When you arrive at school always says goodbye and be honest with your child! Never say things like, “I’ll be right back.” This will only create tension and make the process more difficult in the days to follow. When you feel the time is right, give your child a nice big hug and kiss and part ways on a good note. If you have made the decision to go, GO! The longer it takes for you to leave the harder it will become. The leaving process for both child and parents is the most stressful time so making it as short and honest as possible is the best policy. Eventually, you will both feel better, and always remember we are just a phone call away. We are here to make the transition for both parents and children as comfortable as possible. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.


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