(Q) What is the the Steps to Success discipline policy?

Discipline Policy

The goal of our center is to develop self-esteem and self-control.
In order to reach these goals, we encourage children to communicate with one another; using speech to resolve dilemmas and convey emotions. We believe that as children mature with verbal expression, they will be less likely to express themselves in an aggressive manner. Children are given “time out” sessions that are age-appropriate; however, always under the supervision of an adult.

Children attending our center are prohibited to exhibit the following:

  1. To hurt other children (or adults) with intent.
  2. To hurt themselves with intent.
  3. To destroy property with intent.If a child repeatedly displays these behaviors, the family will be called in for a conference with staff and a determination will be made at that time. If the inappropriate behaviors are continuous with no improvement after several attempts, this will result in termination of services rendered for that child at our center and refund of monies will be annulled.

    Commit to Memory…

    • Consider you are a role model for your child, the behavior you exhibit will be repeated by your child
    • Consider that all children need firm boundaries to develop self-control however, always use positive statements to direct these behaviors, such as: “please walk” as opposed to “don’t run”
    • Consider that children are little people and they are learning rules slowly, teach them right from wrong with patience
    • Consider how wonderful it feels when you receive praise, praise your child often to reinforce that positive behavior
    • Consider that discipline should be firm but never harsh or mean, never use physical punishment towards a child
    • And finally there is no such thing as a bad child only undesirable behavior

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