After School Programs

The primary focus of our after-school program is to assist our students with their homework and make sure that it is completed correctly. Every child in our after school program will be encouraged to learn and flourish in their unique way and according to their learning capacity.

Tentative Daily Schedule:

  • Students are picked up at their respective schools by our bus at that specific school’s dismissal time
  • Upon arrival to the center they receive a hot meal
  • They are then assisted with homework until it is completed and checked by one of our afterschool teachers
  • Students participate in Stop, Drop and Read, where they are provided a book that is appropriate for their reading level and are required to read for 20-25 minutes per day
  • After these tasks are complete the children are able to go outside on our playground to play, weather permitting, or partake in an arts and crafts activity or group game prepared by the teachers
  • On Friday’s students attend tennis or various sports activities at Aviator Sports center

Additional Program Information:

  • Child attends Steps from 2:20 pm – 7 pm daily
  • Steps to Success offers a full day program when the public schools are closed during holidays and vacations. Students can attend the center from 7am to 7pm and receive three hot meals
  • Weekly Tennis Instruction, Aviator Sports center and the ability to attend our program during public school closings is all included in the tuition.
  • Weather permitting outdoor Activities are planned for the students on our playground weekly


Please read our After School Philosophy


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