Our curriculum was written by two of our directors as we specifically wanted it geared towards our unique demographic of students. We use a multitude of different approaches to relay the information we want our students to absorb. As educators we are aware that all children learn differently, therefore our curriculum guides our teachers to not only teach across the curriculum but with a multi-sensory approach. Some children are visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learners and the majority of them are also ELL (English Language Learners) learners. Our curriculum incorporates a plethora of teaching methods so that each student is able to prosper and succeed.

Beyond academics our curriculum also develops the whole child as we work on ADL (Activities of Daily Living) skills, pretend play, social-emotional skills as well as instilling invaluable morals and ethics in our students. We achieve this as we participate in various charities, each one highlighting a different value we want to inspire in every student

There is an African proverb that states β€œit takes a village to raise a child,” here at Steps our directors, owners and teachers all work together to ensure that your child receives not only the best education but also that their school is like a second home and that the staff is like their second family!


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