Directors Letter

Dear Families,

My name is Theresa DiMaggio and I am overjoyed to be the Director of Steps to Success V. I
have been a part of the Steps family since February of 2009. I was first hired as a pre-k teacher and
continued working at Steps to Success II on Staten Island for the next four years. I was then promoted
to manager at the Voorhies Avenue location and continued learning and growing for four additional
years. The time came when I was asked to be partner and director of Steps V and I whole heartedly

Steps to Success is one big family and has been part of my own family for the past seven years. I
have been afforded the opportunity to grow with this company, to help sculpt some parts and to let
my creativity flourish while working with some wonderful individuals that I am honored to call my
friends. My daughter started attending Steps at two years Old and is now attending our Afterschool
Program. Therefore, I have not only seen this business from a teachefs point of view, but a manageā‚¬s
point of view as well as through the eyes of a parent. I am grateful for climbing this ladder as it
allowed me to see aspects of our business that could improve, change or what worked perfectly! It also
allowed me to fully understand and appreciate what every parent goes thmugh as they send their
Child off to preschool and allow someone else to care for their child. I want to ensure all Of rny families
that your children Will be treated as my own would, while they are in my care.

I am a huge proponent of communication and believe that any problem can be solved through
understanding, compassion and a Willingness to find a solution. My door for any family Will forever be
open and there Will always be an ear to listen when there is a question or a concern. I look forward to
this journeywith all ofyou and creating wonderful new memories with our Steps V Family. “Ifwe all
could see the world through the eyes of a Child we would see the magic in everything,” I truly hope to
make their time with me at Steps magical!

Warmest Regards,
Theresa DiMaggio
Director/ Owner
Steps to Success V