Directors Letter

Dear Families,

My name is Sandy Perlin and I am thrilled to be the Co-Director of Steps to Success IX! From my early years, I always knew that one day I wanted to be an educator; there issomething about helping children grow into independent thinkers and curious students that has always fascinated me. My journey as a teacher began over five years ago in a Pre-K classroom, which taught me the importance of providing astrong scaffolding to help students reach the highest of their potential.

As a child myself, I relocated from Brooklyn to Long Island, and my own teachers were the ones who made the transition seamless for me. They not only helped me grow academically, but were consciously aware of the need to make me feel comfortable in my new environment. In each of my own classrooms, my top priority was to make my classroom feel like a second home for each student that stepped foot in it.

I went on to pursue my undergraduate degree in Childhood Education and my master’s degree in Special Education. When I was offered the position of Kindergarten teacher at Steps to Success V (Brooklyn, NY), I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a driven and passionate team of educators who made the Center feel like a place where each teacher and student could thrive.

As I move forward in my career as director, my partner and I ain1to build a Center grounded in the values that we’ve incorporated in our own classrooms. I have always wholeheaitedly believed in having a growth mindset and acknowledging that there is room to evolve, to learn from those around you and to use past experiences to guide future ones. I look forward to all of the incredible oppo1tunities that Steps to Success IX holds and cannot wait to welcome you all to ourSteps family!

My name is Maxine Veksler and I am thrilled to be the Co-Director of Steps to Success IX! I have been a member of the Steps team since 2016 and have beenafforded the oppo1tunity to take on many different roles, working with students six months to ten years of age. Throughout these years, I have learned many essential lessons, most notably that eachstudent can thrive if they are presented with an engaging environment and educators who are able to cater their learning styles and approaches to individual student’s needs. Each age presents different academic and social experiences, and I believe that it is important to beflexible, willing to take constructive criticism and accept that a great teacher never stops learning. Hence, I always regard eachstudent like they are myown and am not only committed to teaching them, but am willing tolearn from them, too!

In 2020, I was promoted to a Manager atSteps to Success VII (Marlboro, NJ) allowing me to hone and further develop my skillsfmther by viewing early education from a different perspective. Experience has taught me the importance of creating meaningful and trusting relationships with the families that confide in us to care for the most valued aspects of their lives. A hallmark of astrong relationship is anopen line of communication and that isachieved by making sure that each and every member of our community is heard andvalued. This includes our smallest members who teach us adultsso much through their exuberance, curiosity and zest for learning!

I am extremely excited to be embarking on this new adventure with my partner, Sandy, and working with all of our faniilies and educators to create an environment where our students will thrive in all aspects of their lives. I am looking fol1Vard to the foundational experiences ai1d lasting memories to come with ourSteps IXfamily!

Warmest Regards,

Sandy Perlin and Maxine Veksler
Co-Directors/Owners Steps to Success IX