Directors Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to take this opportunity to present ourselves and our intentions as Directors of Steps to
Success VII!

My name is Rosaria Saitta and I am the Co-Director of Steps to Success VII. I have been part of the Steps to Success team since September 2009. I initially began as an intern working in the After School Program. After my internship, I was offered to join the Steps to Success family as an employee for said program. After a few
short years, I advanced to an assistant teacher and within three years, I was given the opportunity to enhance my career by taking on a managerial position. Through fulfilling all of these roles, I have gained
the experience and knowledge to establish an environment that promotes a child’s individual creativity while building the necessary foundations to begin their academic careers. My time with Steps to Success has afforded me the opportunity to showcase my passion of working with children so that they are eager to attend our center and you, the parent, can feel confident knowing that your children are in a loving and positive setting. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the role of Co-Director and for the lasting
relationships that are to come.

My name is Valerie Gogus and I am thrilled to be co-director of Steps VII! I began my journey at Steps to
Success in 2010, where I started off as an assistant teacher and worked for four years before being promoted to head teacher. I worked as head teacher for a number of years before being given the opportunity to
expand my knowledge and experience in a managerial position. Holding a position in various aspects of the preschool has allowed me to further develop my skills and see the business from differing points of view. As a teacher, I am incredibly hardworking and creative. My innate dedication and passion for early childhood
education and development is what makes me qualified to be Co-Director and my combined experiences from both outside and inside the classroom give me the aptitude to approach any situation. I’m thrilled to be part of this team and to meet all of you!

Our goal is for your children to be excited to attend Steps as we are looking forward to forming new memories with them here at Steps to Success VII!

Warmest Regards,
Rosaria Saitta and Valerie Gogus
Steps to Success VII